How do reflector and projector work?
The modern composite reflector headlight is actually on offspring of the initial reflector sealed beam housing.

Regarding the reflector primarily, you have a light bulb that goes on and so it turns on, it illuminates all of the chrome surfaces on the reflector as well as each of the specific reflectors.

There is a shutter in the front of the 12 volt led lights automotive, partially blocking the light beam, so that it beams in a downward angle, towards the roadway.

Projector and reflector modern technology like the dodge ram, the reduced beam of light makes use of a 9005 or 9012 halogen light bulb in this projector for the reduced beam of light, as well as after that utilizes another 9005 halogen bulb over here in that reflector for the high beam of light.

When you're on low beam you just get a projector and so on you get the projector plus the reflector to produce the preferred beam pattern.
LED illumination of a headlight bulb. This is a truly awesome means to upgrade. LED and HID upgrades that you can do to make it much better.